Real estate agents tell us that many times they are contacted for a new listing and are faced with a dilemma. They visit the property and find the yard riddled with children’s toys, old bicycles, and/or a barbeque sitting on the front porch.

Then, when they walk into the home they are greeted with sights of chaos, grime, and decorating styles from the 70’s. The reality in these cases is that properties that look rough command 10-15 percent lower sales value then comparable properties that have had some cosmetic work to make them more appealing.

The problem for the real estate agent who is listing the disheveled property is how to tell the client that they need to put some work into the property if they hope to attain the highest value possible. After all, the clients probably do not see the chaos of their property and in fact probably see what others may deem as a dump as being a gold mine.

Home staging has been seen as a privilege for rich folks, but today more and more of the average population is enlisting the services of home staging because they can see the value of not only increasing the value of property, but also reducing the time a property stays on the market.

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