Looking for an easy way to refresh your property and achieve major results? This can be accomplished by decluttering, organizing and specialized cleaning.

Bridgetown Property Services can help you in each of these areas. BPS specializes in the following core service areas:


  • We prepare homes to be bought, sold, or leased by providing detailed cleaning of residence.

  • We also provide special occasion cleanings.

  • Senior home preparation cleaning as seniors and loved ones prepare for the transition to nursing homes, apartments or just down size.


  • Repair or replacement of items such as: door knobs, handles, lights, sinks, faucets, floor tile, trim, shelves, etc.

  • Repair environmental damages such as water damage, smoke damage (from fire or resident smoker), mold and mildew.

We will build client relationships and grow our business through referrals based on the ultimate customer satisfaction we provide.

We would like to book some of your time to discuss how BPS can work with you, to easily reduce costs and improve services.